MST 55 - Standars Thin Wall Tubing


Perfect for numerous electronic, automotive and consumer goods. Suitable for electrical insulation, protection of components, strain


Speciality designed formula approved by UL. Free from toxic heavy metal and harmful substances such as PBB’s, PBBO’s, PBBE’s. Offering low shrinking temperature.


Shrink temperatures: minimum shrink temperature 70 °C. Minimum full recovery temperature 100 °C. Approvals: UL 224 125 °C 600 V VW-1 (E256917). Material: no PBB’s, PBBO’s, or PBBE’s. Lead content < 10 ppm. Cadmium content < 5 ppm. RoHS compliant. Standard colors: black, red, blue, yellow, green, white. Other colors available on request. Packaging: spools as standards. 1 m. or 1,20 m. sticks, special spool lengths or cutted pieces available on request. Specials: special sizes (up to 6 inches) and other special features available on request.
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