Shrinktube is available in a variety of material types designed to operate at a range of temperatures from -65°C to +260°C.

Cable tiesCable ties

We offer all kind of different types of cable ties for variety of application


Complete range of terminals that combine high quality and comprehensive price

Insulate tubingInsulating&Protection tubing

In this group are covered products such glass, pvc, braid tubing offering insulation, mechanical and heat protection features


Caps & Plugs, tapes and other industrial materials which are commonly used in same industrial segment so you can lower your supplier number

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All of our products are made of quality materials, which are not harmful to the environment. Our products have RoHS certificate, proving they are free of heavy metal compounds. We put emphasis on environmental protection in our everyday life as well.
On these pages we have provided general technical data for the application of our products. For specific industry standards and further guidance within a particular country, please contact our customer service

All statements and technical information are based on results obtained under typical conditions. It is the responsibility of the recipient to verify with us that the information is appropriate for the specific use intended by the recipient